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Women of Isaiah Judaica Gift Shop

About Our Gift Shop

The Gift Shop at Temple Isaiah is a member-run store featuring items of Judaica for every day, Shabbat, holidays and special celebrations.  It is a part of the Women of Isaiah sisterhood, and all purchases support Temple Isaiah and its community projects.  The gift shop is open not only to all members of the Temple Isaiah neighborhood, but also to residents of the surrounding communities searching for items of Judaica.

We invite you to come in and browse our newly designed shop and wide selection of merchandise including items for:
High Holy Days
B’nai Mitzvah
Home Decor
Kids’ Fun
Tallit Sets
and more!

Gift Shop Location & Hours

945 Risa Road, Lafayette, CA 94549. 
We are located across the hall from the Library in the Temple House building at the bottom of the driveway.
Click here for our Campus Map

During JQuest Fall-Spring
Tuesdays and Wednesdays 4-6pm
Sundays 9am -1pm
or By Appointment

Contact Us

Gift Shop via Temple Isaiah Office 925-283-8575 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Kim Drucker:  925-284-1404

Interested in ordering invitations?
Robin Bateman 925-926-0445
Lauri Granoff 925-376-2029


Women of Isaiah
Temple Isaiah, Lafayette, California

This organization shall be known as Women of Isaiah (WOI).


SECTION A: The mission of WOI shall be:
• To enhance and support Temple Isaiah through special programming, financial support and involvement of the women within our congregation.
• To offer women the opportunity for establishing friendship and a sense of community within our congregation.
• To provide opportunity for learning about Judaism, critical issues, women-related issues, and to stimulate overall spiritual and individual growth.
• To channel our collective energies towards the humanitarian needs of the community through social action initiatives and ongoing programs.
• To offer programming and financial support for Temple Isaiah youth as a means to assure the future vitality of Judaism.

SECTION B: This organization shall be affiliated with the Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ) and
WRJ Pacific District. WOI will further the programs of WRJ to the best of its ability.


SECTION A: All women who are members of Temple Isaiah and dedicated to the mission of WOI
may become active members in good standing upon annual payment of WOI
membership dues as herein provided.

SECTION B: Women who are not members of Temple Isaiah may become members of WOI on an annual basis at the discretion of the WOI president(s) in consultation with Temple Isaiah clergy.

SECTION C: Annual WOI membership dues shall be determined by the WOI Board of Directors (WOI Board).

SECTION D: Since WOI are active members of WRJ, membership fees to WRJ and WRJ Pacific District shall be submitted annually as required by their charter, as well as specialized funds, as required and requested.

SECTION E: All women clergy and the spouses of all male clergy are welcome as complimentary members.

SECTION F: The fiscal year shall be June 1 through May 31.

SECTION G: The privilege of holding office, making motions, debating and voting shall be limited to members of WOI whose dues are paid for the current fiscal year.


SECTION A: Any woman who is a member of WOI and a member of Temple Isaiah may serve on the WOI Board.

SECTION B: The officers of WOI shall be: president(s), executive vice president(s), recording secretary, treasurer, gift shop manager and parliamentarian(s).

SECTION C: Elected officers of WOI shall be members in good standing of WOI and Temple Isaiah.
In accordance with Temple Isaiah’s bylaws, the president(s) shall be a member(s) of the Temple Isaiah Board of Directors. The president(s) may assign a WOI Board representative who is a member in good standing of Temple Isaiah to attend the Temple Isaiah Board meetings.

SECTION D: Nominations for the officers shall be made by a nominating committee.
• The president(s) shall appoint 1 member of the nominating committee to act as chair.
• The consent of each candidate must be obtained before her name is placed in nomination.
• Only WOI members in good standing shall be eligible to serve on the nominating committee.

SECTION E: The nominating committee shall present names of candidates for the offices of this organization in or by the April meeting of the WOI Board, at which time furthernomination may be made from the floor.

SECTION F: Election of officers shall be at a meeting WOI general membership in or by May. Such election of officers may be conducted via email at the discretion of the WOI Board.

SECTION G: Officers shall serve for a minimum term of 1 year. Officers shall assume their duties on June 1.

SECTION H: Vacancies in office shall be filled by the president(s) and Nominating Committee who will find a replacement.


SECTION A: The president(s) shall:
1. Preside at all WOI meetings.
2. Appoint the various committee chairs in conjunction with the executive vice president(s).
3. Call special meetings of WOI.
4. Perform all duties pertaining to the office of president.
5. Be the ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee.
6. Appoint Ad Hoc (temporary) committees as required; and report to the WOI Board upon completion of the work of each of these committees.
7. Be the WOI representative on the Temple Isaiah Board of Directors and regularly attend their meetings or appoint a designee in her place.
8. Shall develop monthly meeting agendas.

SECTION B: The executive vice president(s) shall:
1. Assist the president(s) whenever called upon.
2. Assume the duties of the president(s) whenever called upon.

SECTION C: The recording secretary shall:
1. Keep an accurate record of the proceedings of the WOI Board.
2. Be prepared to refer to minutes of all previous meetings.
3. Prepare summaries of all actions taken and all unfinished business for use by the president(s).
4. Act as president in the absence of the president(s) and executive vice president(s).
5. Compose and distribute minutes at the next board meeting.

SECTION D: The treasurer shall:
1. Receive all monies from WOI and shall deposit them in the name of WOI in a bank approved by WOI officers.
2. Issue checks on funds when presented with documentation in such form as may be required by the WOI Board.
3. Pay to WRJ and the WRJ Pacific District the agreed per capita dues.
4. Keep an accurate record of receipts and disbursements.
5. Present a full report and statement of accounts at each monthly meeting of the WOI Board.
6. Present the books of WOI annually or upon termination of her office for examination by a qualified auditor, if requested.
7. Be a member of the Budget and Finance Committee and take the lead role in recommending and creating a new budget for the new fiscal year.

SECTION E: The parliamentarian(s) shall:
1. Advise the WOI Board and officers as to proper parliamentary methods and procedures.
2. Be chairwoman of the Bylaws Committee.
3. Provide historical context to WOI Board.

SECTION F: When an officer fails to attend three consecutive meetings of the WOI Board without adequate excuse, after due notification, the WOI Board may recommend that the
position be declared vacant.

SECTION G: Each member of the WOI Board upon expiration of her term of office or in case of resignation, shall turn over to her successor without delay all records, books, funds, and other materials pertaining to the office.


SECTION A: The WOI Board shall hold regularly scheduled meetings. Special meetings of the membership may be called by the WOI Board with written notice or email of at least one week.

SECTION B: For general membership meetings, a quorum shall consist of ten percent of the members
in good standing.


SECTION A: The WOI Board shall consist of the officers, all chairwomen of WOI standing committees, and any other members of WOI as designated by the president(s).
1. Each member of the WOI Board shall be entitled to one vote.
2. The term of office of each committee chairwoman shall coincide with each terms of the WOI president(s).
3. The gift shop manager shall be a member in good standing of Temple Isaiah.

SECTION B: The WOI standing committees shall include but not be limited to: Membership, Programming, Budget and Finance, Maagal Tzedakah and Nominating. All committees
shall be chaired by WOI members in good standing. Committee chairs shall be appointed by the president(s). Committee members shall be selected by the committee chair or the president(s), subject to the requirements of these bylaws.

SECTION C: The WOI Board shall:
1. Authorize special expenditures.
2. Fill all vacancies in office.
3. Serve at the behest of the WOI Membership to the best of their ability.

Special meetings of the WOI Board may be called by the president(s) and must be
called upon the written request of 10% of the WOI membership.

SECTION E: At regularly scheduled WOI Board meetings, 25% of the WOI Board, at least two of
whom must be officers, shall constitute a quorum.

SECTION F: The WOI Board shall approve a yearly budget.


SECTION A: WOI shall budget annually for the expenses of a delegate(s) to the WRJ and WRJ Pacific District assemblies, the specific amount to be left to the Budget Committee.

SECTION B: Only members in good standing are eligible to be delegates.

SECTION C: Subject to approval of the WOI Board:
1. Whenever feasible, WOI shall budget for the president(s)‘s registration and minimum hotel room expense.
2. Whenever feasible, WOI shall budget for other board members’ registration and minimum hotel room expense.
3. Whenever feasible, WOI shall budget for WRJ/assembly board members the registration and minimum hotel room expense.

SECTION D: Delegates shall make a report to the WOI Board within 30 days following the assembly in order to educate the board about programming, leadership and national agenda.


SECTION A: These bylaws shall be reviewed at least every 7 years.

SECTION B: To amend the bylaws, a Bylaws Committee shall be appointed by the president(s). The Bylaws Committee shall submit proposed changes to a meeting of the WOI Board for initial approval.

SECTION C: Proposed changes to the bylaws that are approved by the WOI Board shall be made available to the WOI membership at least thirty days before the meeting at which the proposed changes will be voted upon. A two-thirds majority of the members present and voting at the meeting is required to approve an amendment. No changes to the proposed amendments, other than minor, non-substantive corrections, shall be made at the meeting where the vote is taken.

SECTION D: Upon adoption, an amendment immediately becomes part of the bylaws.


Roberts Rules of Order, Revised, shall be the authority of the Women of Isaiah.
Revised 5/4/2015
Previous revisions: 7/24/2007

Click here to download the WOI By-Laws


Our Unsung Heroine

Women of Isaiah is proud to recognize…

Cherri Shiffman

as our WRJ Centennial “Unsung Heroine”

Created to celebrate WRJ’s Centennial year, the Unsung Heroines Program recognizes WRJ members who have never been officially honored but who have helped advance the organization’s goals of promoting women’s issues and leadership in the Reform Jewish movement. WRJ is more than 65,000 women strong, many of whom have not been officially recognized for the incredible ways in which they have improved WRJ as an organization. This year, each WRJ sisterhood will be recognizing one of these women, someone who has made substantial volunteer contributions to her WRJ sisterhood, and sharing her story. 
Cherri was selected by a committee which included our Centennial ambassador Michele Holtz and our WOI Women of Valor. For those of you who know Cherri, you know that she embodies the idea of an “unsung heroine” - always involved, never declining a request to help out, but always working behind the scenes, and usually unrecognized for her efforts. She reflects the concepts of commitment and volunteerism in our Jewish neighborhood. 

We will be honoring Cherri at the upcoming WRJ Centennial Shabbat Service on Friday, March 1 at 8 pm. Be sure to mark your calendars and plan to attend this very special event.

WRJ Shabbat

It’s coming!  The Women of Reform Judaism is celebrating a Centennial and we are all a part of it because we are not only awesome members of Women of Isaiah, we are members of WRJ!

There will be a number of things we can do throughout the year, but, one of the most exciting parts is the WRJ Worldwide Shabbat. This Shabbat will shine a spotlight on all of us together.

Is it only for women? No way!  Bring your family, bring your guys! Don’t miss out on this special service!

Sacred Hebrew Chant and Healing Circles

Since July of 1998, we have met each month to share in ritual, chant and meditative silence…finding some moments of calm as we immerse ourselves in the prayers of our ancestors. Chanting meets on one Monday evening each month from 7pm to 8pm in the Beit Knesset. See the Women of Isaiah calendar at for the most current schedule.

Listen to a short clip from The WRJ Worldwide Shabbat Service 3/1/13 at Temple Isaiah:

No prior knowledge of Hebrew or singing is required - just an open heart and the willingness to learn and grow together.  Let the opening niggun (melody without words) draw you into the circle. Newcomers are always welcome. Healing Circle We have recently begun focusing on the healing nature of these evenings of sacred chant. In our tradition, “healing” is not necessarily equated with “cure”; we have found this practice to be effective in promoting a healing of heart & spirit, sometimes even a healing of body. (Listen to Temple Isaiah’s podcast on “Healing Circles”.) For all those in need of healing… for the places in each of us in need of healing… for yourself… for our community… it’s always a good time to be part of a healing circle – Now meeting monthly at Temple as well as in congregant’s homes in times of need.  (See below for information on the Healing Circles Project) Listen to a short clip from an evening of Sacred Chant-Healing Circle:

Each Yom Kippur between Temple Isaiah’s services, we hold a study session using sacred chant in a healing circle to deepen and enrich this long day of prayer and fasting.
Listen to a short clip from a Yom Kippur Study Session in 2009:

Chanting With Our Elders - See article in the J!

“You shall rise before the aged and show honor to the elder.” (Leviticus 19:32)

Elders GroupWe sometimes forget to take time to honor and show respect for our wise elders.  From March of 2000 through February 2016 this spirited group provided a monthly opportunity to visit, to learn, and to connect with older adults through the simple practice of sacred Hebrew chanting. Some of the ‘regulars’ attended for the entire 16 years!!

By joining us you can enjoy doing a Mitzvah while spending an hour doing something to enrich your soul!!

Listen to a short clip of Chanting With Our Elders:

For more information about Sacred Chanting visit

Healing Circles Project

A healing circle is simply a group of people who come together to surround a person in need. Their combined energy creates a sense of being held by the sacred phrases, being cradled in the melodies, being nourished by the community in a way that is healing to mind, soul and body. 
(Listen to Temple Isaiah’s podcast on “Healing Circles”.)

One of the most powerful things about the practice of sacred chant is the palpable healing energy it can create among a group. A chanting circle is a way of tuning in to our own powers of healing. The energy derived from the combined voices and breathing of the group, the emotions that arise among participants being poured into the practice and the sacred history of all the generations who have uttered these words before, is all woven into the chants, promoting a very deep level of soul-healing.

Listen to a short clip of a Healing Circle in a congregant’s home:

Temple Isaiah is now offering these Healing Circles to members of our community who are ill or dying and also to those experiencing a loss, or an emotionally and spiritually difficult time.  If you would like to participate in this new project please contact Nina Jones Clergy Assistant at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we will email you when there is a circle being planned.

If you are part of the Isaiah community and are in need of an off-site healing circle, please contact Jeanette Gross at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) so we can arrange to bring a healing circle to you at home, in a hospital or a care facility.

Women of Isaiah Annual Kick Off Dinner


Join in the conversation with Israeli pastry chef and caterer Tal Sendrovitz and holistic nutrition consultant and Women of Isaiah member Stephanie Snyder, as we learn about healthful ways to adapt favorite Jewish recipes. Find out how to bring back the delicious foods of the past that we’ve been avoiding but in fact deserve a place front and center at a healthy Jewish table.

Meet Our Speakers

Tal Sendrovitz
Tal Sendrovitz is the owner of Tal’s Patisserie in Danville. Born and raised in Israel and trained as an engineer, Tal has always been drawn to creativity, entertaining, and style. After searching in vain for a bakery café like those in her homeland, she decided to open her own pastry shop featuring a creative mix of all her favorite baked goods. Well-being and health are important to Tal, and she always tries to make good food choices for herself and her family. Tal’s Patisserie’s offerings are made from real butter, organic flour, and other natural ingredients as well as locally grown produce. Tal’s Patisserie is on Temple Isaiah’s list of preferred caterers.

Stephanie Snyder
Temple Isaiah and Women of Isaiah member Stephanie Snyder is a former tech industry consultant and elementary school teacher who became interested in the benefits of a healthy lifestyle while raising her three children. When the time was right to re-enter the workforce, Stephanie followed her passion and is now dedicated to helping people regain and maintain health and vitality though whole foods nutrition, custom supplementation, and wellness coaching. As a nutritionist in private practice Stephanie offers comprehensive support in one-on-one consultations that offer diet analysis, cooking and shopping education, and individualized dietary and nutrition recommendations.

Honor Our Rabbi
Our program will include a special tribute to Rabbi Judy Shanks who has been a loyal supporter of Women of Isaiah and an inspiration to all of us for so many years.

Need a Sitter?
We’re happy to offer babysitting. Please sign up on the registration page, and we’ll confirm where and when to drop off the kids. Pizza dinner provided. If your kids have special dietary needs, please provide food for them.

Get Connected
If you’re new to Temple Isaiah or Women of Isaiah or simply want to reconnect, don’t hesitate to come to this event. We’ll make sure that you make connections, sit with congenial tablemates, and leave knowing a lot of terrific women.

Be a Sponsor
Sponsorships help underwrite the cost of the kickoff so that everyone can attend. Please consider a sponsorship of $100 in addition to your ticket when completing the RSVP form. We’ll be recognizing our sponsors at the event and in the WOI eNews.

Take a Chance
Great raffle prizes await you. Proceeds from the raffle help Women of Isaiah continue to support Temple Isaiah’s youth and provide programs and events for the temple community. Purchase tickets when you complete the RSVP form or buy them at the kickoff. Prices: 1 ticket for $5, 3 tickets for $10, 10 tickets for $20.

Nourish Lives

As we come together to share a delicious meal and learn about healthy eating, we ask you to join us in supporting Loaves and Fishes of Contra Costa. This wonderful organization nourishes the lives of the homeless and under served by providing nutritious hot meals at its five community dining rooms, distributing over four tons of groceries each week, and providing meals to the clients of other nonprofits such Opportunity Junction and Trinity Center. Loaves and Fishes is more than a soup kitchen. It provides internship and employment opportunities for young adults and those seeking to turn their lives around after serving time in jail or beating addiction. Loaves and Fishes also operates a culinary training program for high school students and young adults who attend the county’s community, alternative, and court schools and provides job placement support for those who complete the program.

Temple Isaiah has a close connection with Loaves and Fishes. Our congregant David Gerson served as the organization’s executive director from 2011 until his retirement at the end of June, and dedicated temple members volunteer to prepare food at the agency’s catering kitchen and participate in a perpetual food drive for its pantry.

For this year’s tzedakah project, Women of Isaiah is making a donation to Loaves and Fishes in appreciation of its vital work nourishing lives in our community. We encourage you to visit their website to donate or put a little something in the special tzedakah boxes at the kickoff. If you choose to donate online, please put “Women of Isaiah” in the comment box or on your check. Thank you!

Shop Our Pop Up Gift Shop
The WOI Gift Shop will be popping up again this year with a great selection of Judaica and gifts.

R.S.V.P. by Sunday, August 20

Questions, or need help with registration?
Please contact the temple office at 925-283-8575.