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Sacred Hebrew Chant and Healing Circles

Since July of 1998, we have met each month to share in ritual, chant and meditative silence…finding some moments of calm as we immerse ourselves in the prayers of our ancestors. Chanting meets on one Monday evening each month from 7pm to 8pm in the Beit Knesset. See the Women of Isaiah calendar at for the most current schedule.

Listen to a short clip from The WRJ Worldwide Shabbat Service 3/1/13 at Temple Isaiah:

No prior knowledge of Hebrew or singing is required - just an open heart and the willingness to learn and grow together.  Let the opening niggun (melody without words) draw you into the circle. Newcomers are always welcome. Healing Circle We have recently begun focusing on the healing nature of these evenings of sacred chant. In our tradition, “healing” is not necessarily equated with “cure”; we have found this practice to be effective in promoting a healing of heart & spirit, sometimes even a healing of body. (Listen to Temple Isaiah’s podcast on “Healing Circles”.) For all those in need of healing… for the places in each of us in need of healing… for yourself… for our community… it’s always a good time to be part of a healing circle – Now meeting monthly at Temple as well as in congregant’s homes in times of need.  (See below for information on the Healing Circles Project) Listen to a short clip from an evening of Sacred Chant-Healing Circle:

Each Yom Kippur between Temple Isaiah’s services, we hold a study session using sacred chant in a healing circle to deepen and enrich this long day of prayer and fasting.
Listen to a short clip from a Yom Kippur Study Session in 2009:

Chanting With Our Elders - See article in the J!

“You shall rise before the aged and show honor to the elder.” (Leviticus 19:32)

Elders GroupWe sometimes forget to take time to honor and show respect for our wise elders.  From March of 2000 through February 2016 this spirited group provided a monthly opportunity to visit, to learn, and to connect with older adults through the simple practice of sacred Hebrew chanting. Some of the ‘regulars’ attended for the entire 16 years!!

By joining us you can enjoy doing a Mitzvah while spending an hour doing something to enrich your soul!!

Listen to a short clip of Chanting With Our Elders:

For more information about Sacred Chanting visit

Healing Circles Project

A healing circle is simply a group of people who come together to surround a person in need. Their combined energy creates a sense of being held by the sacred phrases, being cradled in the melodies, being nourished by the community in a way that is healing to mind, soul and body. 
(Listen to Temple Isaiah’s podcast on “Healing Circles”.)

One of the most powerful things about the practice of sacred chant is the palpable healing energy it can create among a group. A chanting circle is a way of tuning in to our own powers of healing. The energy derived from the combined voices and breathing of the group, the emotions that arise among participants being poured into the practice and the sacred history of all the generations who have uttered these words before, is all woven into the chants, promoting a very deep level of soul-healing.

Listen to a short clip of a Healing Circle in a congregant’s home:

Temple Isaiah is now offering these Healing Circles to members of our community who are ill or dying and also to those experiencing a loss, or an emotionally and spiritually difficult time.  If you would like to participate in this new project please contact Nina Jones Clergy Assistant at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we will email you when there is a circle being planned.

If you are part of the Isaiah community and are in need of an off-site healing circle, please contact Jeanette Gross at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) so we can arrange to bring a healing circle to you at home, in a hospital or a care facility.