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Neighbor to Neighbor Interfaith Coalition

We Love ALL Our Neighbors

Display your “neighborly love,” with the sign created by our Neighbor to Neighbor Interfaith Partnership.  The Neighbor to Neighbor partnership includes Temple Isaiah, Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church and the San Ramon Valley Islamic Center.  TI member and artist Lin Teichman created the sign so we could share publicly a modern response to the Torah’s charges of love your neighbor and showing compassion for the strangers in our midst. The sign can be placed in the window of your home, or have it laminated, add a stake and display it on your front lawn. 

Click here to download the Contra Costa N2N sign

Click here to download the high resolution sign file you can customize for your community

Solidarity Gathering

A Solidarity Gathering with the Jewish Community Federation of the East Bay was held Tuesday, August 29 at Temple Isaiah. Here is a video of Senator Glazer’s speech “United Against Hate”

Upcoming Events:

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Sponsored by Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N), an East Bay partnership among Christians, Jews and Muslims whose mission is to grow understanding, respect and appreciation for the religions of the world, via social initiatives that promote deep inter-relationships among individuals of all ages, generations, cultures and beliefs.