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A Havurah is a group of people from within the larger Temple community who gather together to form an extended ‘family’.  Temple Isaiah helps our members to form havurot and then they continue on their own. We do our best to maintain a database of active havurot, including those with any availability for new members. Once formed, members decide together on activities and how often to meet. Havurot (plural for Havurah) may celebrate holidays and life cycle events, learn more about Jewish topics of interest, and perform mitzvot together.

Havurah events can be social, service-oriented, spiritual, study-based, or a combination of activities. Groups meet regularly in members’ homes (often monthly) or at other places such as the Temple, movies, museums, parks, etc. Members usually form lasting bonds by creating a caring and close community within Temple Isaiah. People within the Havurah become extended families. Some havurot at Temple Isaiah have been meeting together for over 30 years, sharing the significant moments of life.

In a Havurah?

CLICK HERE to join the Havurah database.

Please keep in touch with the Temple office when your members change, especially if you have availability for others to join. Please share your milestones and contact us for support.

Interested in joining a Havurah?

CLICK HERE to share your interest in joining a Havurah

We will contact you if a havurah opportunity becomes available.

Questions? Please contact the Temple office at (925) 283-8575.