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Lay Leadership At Temple Isaiah

Volunteer leaders guide many of Temple Isaiah’s activities as members of our Board of Directors, and committee members.

Our Board of Directors 2016-2017

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee shall support The President in developing the Temple vision; assist the Board in establishing policy; work with staff to facilitate policy; work with volunteer committees and monitor results. Committee will assist The President in setting Board meeting Agendas and approving minor administrative actions by Executive Director.

President: David Douglas
Executive Vice President: Jasmine Tarkoff
Vice President: Dan Myers
Vice President: Alan Gennis
Secretary: Susan Rideout
Treasurer: Steve Zenker
Parliamentarian: Lisa Hirsch

Board Members
Julie Bell, Steve Bliss, Dan Bushell, Derek Cedars, Debbie Frank, Nicole Friedenberg (ECE), Jill Jacobson, Sarah Landes, Jeff Mann, Neal Modelevsky (Anshei Isaiah), Vivian Poettgen, Alex Rudd, Daniel Schick, Jay Sherwin, Marlene Thier, Bob Weiss, Lise Wollenberg, Faith Zenker (WOI), Tricia Zucker (WOI).

Elections are held at our annual meeting each May.

Click here for our governance Frequently Asked Questions.

Committees & Auxiliaries

Temple Isaiah’s committees lead the Temple’s activities and efforts in everything from social action to the Temple buildings and grounds, from education to religious practices, from personnel and leadership development to Isaiah’s relationship with the land of Israel. Read below for an overview of all of Temple Isaiah’s committees and the current committee chairs and co-chairs.

Adult Education
The Adult Education Committee shall support the Rabbis, Cantor and Education Director in the development and execution of adult educational programming, initiatives and events.
Chair: Jay Sherwin

Angel Network
The Angel Network shall provide assistance to members of the congregation at time of need due to death, illness or other misfortune.
Chairs: Ruth Willen and Jill Jacobson

Anshei (men of) Isaiah
President: Joel Willen (Neal Modelevsky)

The Budget Committee shall present a proposed annual operating and capital budget to the Board of Directors for its approval prior to the May General Membership meeting. It shall monitor budgetary expenditures throughout the year and provide reports at least quarterly to the Board of Directors.
Chair: Steve Zenker

Buildings and Grounds
Chair: Derek Cedars
Subcommittee: Security and Safety. Chair: Alex Rudd

Chair: Lisa Hirsch

Chair: Frank Winer

Early Childhood Education
Chairs: Nicole Friedenberg, Erin Roth and Devon Crawford

Chairs: Maynard Lichterman and Michael Bandler

Chair: Alan Gennis

Facilities Committee
Chair: Faith Zenker

The Finance Committee shall be responsible for collection of all outstanding financial obligations to the Temple; approving dues commitments with the goal of ensuring equity in such commitments; auditing the books at the end of the fiscal year; and such other related activities as the President may assign.
Chair: Adrian Breitfeld

Gala and Special Events
Chairs: Faith Zenker, Steve Zenker, Stu Kirsch

Israel & World Jewry
The Israel Committee shall develop and execute appropriate programs in support of the State of Israel and the Association of Reform Zionists of America (ARZA).
Chairs: Herb & Marlene Thier

JQuest Advisory Group (JAG)
RSAG shall support the Education Director in the development and execution of Temple Isaiah’s Religious School, including preparation of the annual Religious School budget. 
Chairs: Dan Bushell and Amir Axelrod

The Kulanu Committee shall work to support Kulanu family programming.
Chair: Heather Stoneman

Chair: Evan Mann

Leadership Development
Chair: Vivian Poettgen

The Library Committee shall maintain the Temple library and develop its resources in order to support the ongoing pursuit of Jewish learning for all members of our community and the surrounding Jewish community in a welcoming atmosphere with a broad range of Judaic books, media and educational materials.
Chair: Lise Wollenberg

Membership Outreach
The Membership Committee shall outreach to and encourage membership for all eligible persons, and shall welcome new members to the community during their first year with audacious hospitality and the guiding principles of relational Judaism.
Chair: Dan Schick

The Membership Engagement Committee shall be responsible for membership engagement and retention.
Chairs: Julie Bell and Bob Weiss

Memorial Plaques
Chair: Ellen Emold

Chair: Lisa Hirsch

Ruach Monthly Newsletter
Editor: Judy Lipson

Social Action: ViA Isaiah-Temple Isaiah’s Values in Action
The mission of the Social Action Committee is to advocate worthy causes, spearhead the action of Temple Isaiah toward ongoing work to repair the world and facilitate our membership’s participation in community service.
Chair: James Gracer
Multi-faith A.C.T.I.O.N Coalition. Chair: Melody Howe-Weintraub
Winter Nights Shelter. Chairs: Joanne Peterson, Neal Modelevsky and Sarah Landes

Teen Advisory Group (TAG)
The Teen Advisory Group shall develop and execute appropriate programs for the cultural and social enrichment of the 8-12th grade youth of Temple Isaiah.
Chair: Jeff Mann

Women of Isaiah
Co-Presidents: Judy Carney and Tricia Zucker

Worship: Seeking the Sacred Isaiah 2020 initiative
Chair: Debbie Frank

Past Board Presidents:
Harry Schwartz
David Zuckerman
Fred Katzburg
Lewis Rapport
Stanley Harris
Bernard Kaplan
Leonard Morgenstern
Leon Cohen
Irving Miller
Daniel Greenberg
David Rifkin
Leonard Cohn
Bob Rothschild
Herbert Scher
Hal Wolf
Susan Kirschenbaum
Sanford Wishnev
Lou Bernstein
Diane Portnoff
Mimi Epstein
Deanne Winer
Lynn Wolff
Terry Naylor
Roberta Bear
Sig Anderman
Russell Kirschenbaum
Dan Greenberg
Hal Friedman
Beth Harris Hoenninger
Michael Bandler
Susan Adler-Bressler
Maynard Lichterman
Sari McClure
Paul Menaker
Lisa Hirsch
Robert Goldberg